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Prairie Trails Family Aquatic Center in Corydon offers swimming lessons to children each year. Beginning this year there will be a charge of $10 for each child or $15 for two children in one family. Preschool lessons will be $10 per child. Preschool classes are for children ages 3-5, however if your 5 year old likes the water and puts his/her face in the water, please register for Level 1 of the Learn-to-Swim lessons instead. Learn-to-Swim Classes are Monday through Thursday with Friday as a makeup day for weather, however the Preschool Sessions will be Monday – Friday. To receive text alerts regarding Swim Lesson cancellation text the code @4efebk to the number 81010

Your child must be preregistered for the lessons. To register, either fill out the form below or click here to print off the Registration Form and send back to school or deliver to Corydon City Hall (North side of square, on corner West of Hy-Vee) before the end of school. Submit this form for each child that will attend.

Please select the Session and Time you wish your child to attend, using the drop down box below. You may select any session unless you need bus transportation.The payment for the swimming lessons fee may be mailed to or dropped off at Corydon City Hall (PO BOX 169 Corydon, IA 50060) or paid on the 1st day of lessons.

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**Seymour bus for Session I - 10:00am session ONLY.**
**Lineville, Clio, Allerton bus for Session II - 10:00 session ONLY.**

Please select an answer below in regards to photos or videos of your child to being shared on the PTFAC Facebook page and/or the City of Corydon's website.

The Friends of Allerton would like to pay for one sessions per child that has an Allerton address. If you would like to accept this gift, please choose YES from below, if not select NO. If you mark Yes no money is required for payment.